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Anne Temple from N.Y.,

As soon as I started with Maca, I noticed right away that my hot flashes were less frequent. I also noticed less night sweats and my sleep was deeper and more restful. I even seemed to handle things easier! I think women everywhere will benefit from this formula!*

Annette Ross from San Francisco, Calif.

Although I’ve not ever experienced hot flashes or any symptoms that are typical for women in their 40s and 50s, I knew MACA- and hormonal balancing could be good for my over-all wellness. I was pleasantly surprised by the delicious flavor - and related by the benefit of deeper more restful sleep while on the product for two months.*

Marie Hood from Hustom (Texas)

Since taking Liquid Essentials for Women my night sweats have completely disappeared and I get very restful sleep. In the morning I wake with a whole lot more energy. I’m excited about the possibilities of the MACA *

Brenda Schmit from MD.

I am so grateful for this product! Before The real Maca, my life was miserable! I would get “power surges” like my whole body would heat up a couple degrees and “surge” for several minutes. I would wake up at 3 a.m. throw off the blankets with my pulse racing in my ears! With Liquid Essentials for Women I had relief the first night and my symptoms were greatly diminished. Thank you for helping me be “sane” and happy again!*

Dianne Moses from Ohio.

I have always felt we do not get the nutrients we need from our food because of the way they are grown and processed. My Dad was raised on a farm and I was raised in his pharmacy so I was brought up to believe that if one could put the proper nutrients in their body that the body could heal itself.

When Peru Herbals opened in 2002, it was an answer to my hopes, dreams and prayers. Since taking these products, my body and health have improved greatly! and has added much more quality to my life. Thanks so much to Peru Herbals for having just the right “Market Trend Products” at just the right time!*

Betty Beverson from Montana.

The hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disturbances, etc were and are taking a toll on my quality of life. I take Mate Coca, exercise and eat right (I’m a retired RN) and I’m not overweight, don’t smoke or drink. eight glasses plain water a day elped minimize these symptoms.*

Mary Shaw from Hawai

The first night I took the formula I slept like a baby and felt so good the next morning. I already felt great from using Peruherbals products in every area of my life except for the occasional nuisance of these hot flashes. They were not severe, just very annoying! Well, to get a good night sleep for a change showed me that things were not as great as they could be. The hot flashes diminished almost immediately and by the end of the second month of use, they were completely gone. I will continue using the Maca. It’s great to know that Peruherbals now has a product that I can use to alleviate this problem. Thanks again for another wonderful product to add to our already fabulous line!*

Brenda Duncan from New Mexico.

After being using Maca for a very short time I was finally able to work long time without to feel tired. Thank you Peruherbals!*

Colleen McKanna from Montreal Canada.

Hey that Chanca Piedra product it is amazing I have no more the terrible kidney stones pain

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